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Adhesive Privacy Screen Protector for Laptop

Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Original price $21.99
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  • 【Upgraded Privacy Shield】: Our privacy filter limits the viewing angle to +/- 30 degrees. When viewing from 30° to 60°, the screen appears dark, and nothing is visible. This laptop privacy screen is perfect for office, public and high-traffic areas.
  • 【Exceptional Clarity, Black Screen for Others】: The privacy protector delivers superior clarity compared to other brands. Data is visible only to people in front of the monitor while prying eyes beside you see nothing.
  • 【Anti-Blue Light & Anti-Glare Eye Protection】: Anti-reflective surface for enhanced viewing comfort, protects your eyes by filtering out UV and reducing blue light.
  • 【Two-Steps Installation】: Easy to use, enabling anyone to install/uninstall quickly. Package contains installation kits (Microfiber Cloth x 1, Bezel Tabs x 3 Sets, Tab Guides x 3 Sets and Reusable Adhesive Strips x 6).

Step 1:Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of your screen. 

Method 1

Step 2:Apply the adhesive strips to the back side of the privacy screen protector near the edge.

Step 3:Tear the protective layer of the screen protector, align the screen protector with the screen, ensure the position is accurate, and press gently to complete the installation.

Method 2

Step 2:Separate the slide mount tabs and apply them to the laptop's bezel by pieces.

Step 3:Tear the protective layer of the screen protector, and gently slide it between the tabs and the screen from up to down to complete the installation.

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